Viper – OEM Board for 4K HDMI transport over IP

The Viper OEM boards are fully integrated boards that enable the development of ultra-low latency audio/video over IP products. The transmit and receive boards are production-ready and reduce the cost of the system. Viper-HV4K features high resolutions up to 4K/UHD over a single 1 Gb Ethernet cable. The HDMI video is transported over Ethernet after compression with the VC-2 High Quality video compression.

Viper OEM board for HDMI over IP


  • Video conferencing
  • Residential Audio/Video distribution
  • Digital signage
  • Video wall
  • Real-time local video network
  • HDMI extender
  • HDMI capture and transmission to server
  • VC-2 HQ encoding/decoding


HDMI distribution over IP network

Ultra-low latency 4K/UHD Video transport over 1G Ethernet

The Viper TX and RX boards are optimized for real-time audio/video transmission. The latency is extremely low, only 5ms, even though the video signal is compressed. This is only possible thanks to the VC-2 HQ codec that only adds a few video lines of latency compared to an uncompressed solution.

Easy networking capabilities for video and audio

The Viper OEM boards can be used to efficiently transport audio/video streams over an IP network (unicast and multicast). The TX board is used to interface the HDMI source to the network, while one or multiple RX boards can be used to receive the audio/video stream. Several TX boards can be used on the same network in order to share the content of multiple HDMI sources. Each RX board can select the channel to listen to.

The details that make the difference

Secure and reliable audio/video transmission

The Viper OEM boards are remotely manageable over the network. You can simply connect to the desired board with your preferred web-browser. Advanced configuration of the units is readily accessible via the simple graphical interface. The configuration panel gives access to network settings, video encoding, audio, log/alarms and remote upgrade of the firmware.

Advanced image processing and Video Wall capabilities

The Viper boards also support upscaling/downscaling and cropping of the video to match the receiving display. The administrator can easily insert a logo, image or scrolling text on top of the video content. The Video Wall mode enables to spread the video source over an array of displays. Its configuration is very flexible supporting many different layouts of displays.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

With the Power-over-Ethernet feature, networking communication and power supply can be provided over a single Ethernet cable. The external power supply is not required anymore. The Viper boards are compliant with the IEEE 802.3af/at.


The Viper products can also be tailored to your needs. The on-board SoC FPGA is an extremely flexible solution. The video/audio path is processed in real-time within the FPGA fabric while the processor is handling all the control and configuration of the board. Both the FPGA firmware and the CPU software can be changed to match your needs. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements. The expertise of Silex Inside in high-end video technology is the guarantee for a fast time-to-market with a high quality product.

More Viper technology

Additional features and options will be integrated in next-generation products, enabling additional use cases and applications. Here is an overview of the most important features:

  • JPEG 2000 codec: Very high quality with JPEG 2000 encoding enables higher compression of the video content with a visually lossless quality. The transport is also very low latency.
  • 10 GbE: Faster networking interface for either lower compression ratio or higher resolution video transport.
  • Uncompressed Video: Raw video transmission without any encoding for critical applications.


Ordering information

The Viper 4K HDMI over IP OEM product family includes a couple of complementary products. There is the transmitter board, and the receiver board:

VIPER-HV4K-TX: Transmitter HDMI over IP 4K with VC-2 HQ compression

VIPER-HV4K-RX: Receiver HDMI over IP 4K with VC-2 HQ compression