Neowine selects Barco Silex public key cryptography IP as most efficient hardware block

23 February, 2017

Louvain‐la‐Neuve, Belgium ‐‐ February 23rd, 2017 ‐‐ Barco Silex, leading provider of security IP cores, announces that Neowine, the Korean leader in security solutions for mobile communication and IoT applications, has selected Barco Silex’ IP core for public key cryptography. With an unrivaled ratio between performance and size, the BA414EP core will add asymmetric encryption to Neowine’s product line of ASICs, which are designed to secure communication and data exchanges in e.g. smartphones and IoT devices.

Public key cryptography is widely used to set up secured communication such as voice or data exchanges, over an open network where there is no hidden channel to exchange secret keys. However, the complex algorithms that are required, take a heavy toll on the computational resources of an application. The BA414EP IP core from Barco Silex allows the complete offloading of the computations involved in public key exchange, to dedicated hardware in the most efficient way.

Neowine designs ASIC security solutions that bring added value to e.g. smartphones, sensors or other IoT devices. But the manufacturers of these products will only integrate these ASICs if they don’t impact speed, power and the bill of materials. “Therefore, when we were looking for a public key core, our requirement was the combination of maximal performance with a minimal silicon footprint,” says John E. Lee, CEO of Neowine. “The Barco Silex public key IP core (BA414EP) fits these requirements perfectly and we selected Barco Silex as our Crypto IP provider for our next-generation products”

The BA414EP IP block is part of a comprehensive library of crypto IP blocks offered by Barco Silex. These are recognized as the best performing and most versatile available in the industry. “This is because we have created our IP blocks with flexibility and scalability in mind,” says Pieter Willems, marketing manager security products at Barco Silex. “As a result, they can fit in any ASIC or FPGA footprint requirement and still perform extremely well, even in environments where the available footprint is as low as in Neowine’s ASICs.”

About Barco Silex

Barco Silex is a world leader in security IP cores and platforms, encryption and video processing, as well as in electronic design services (ASIC, FPGA, DSP, Board). Thanks to its continued stream of innovations, Barco Silex provides state-of-the-art security solutions, with security platforms and encryption cores that deliver unrivaled speed and performance in a very compact footprint. Barco Silex is a subsidiary of Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR), the global leader in networked visualization products for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. For more information about Barco Silex:

About Neowine

Neowine is a leading provider of ICs, algorithms and IP to IoT devices and mobile products. Headquartered in Seongnam (Korea), the company helps its customers to add value to their products, enhancing them with a high level of security. Under the tagline “For a more secure world”, the company markets it’s ALPU and DORCA series ICs designed for system copy protection and IoT security.

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