D’Crypt to include Barco Silex IP for public key cryptography in cutting-edge communication chip

2 March, 2017

Louvain‐la‐Neuve, Belgium ‐‐ March 2nd , 2017 ‐‐ Barco Silex, leading provider of security IP cores, has entered into an agreement with D’Crypt Pte Ltd, Singapore’s premier design house for hardware cryptography solutions. Barco Silex will provide D’Crypt with its BA414EP core for public key cryptography for inclusion in their FPGA solutions that will secure automotive car-to-infrastructure communication. D’Crypt selected the IP because of its state-of-the-art capabilities, unrivaled size/performance ratio and ease of integration.     

In wireless communication between e.g. IoT sensor infrastructure or vehicles where security or billable information are involved, the integrity of the communication channel is of utmost importance. But before the applications on both sides can set up such secure communication channel, they first have to exchange and authenticate cryptographic keys over an unsafe channel. This is widely done with public key cryptography, a secure protocol that is, however, compute intensive. As a solution to allow secure communication for all applications that need it, also those with restricted resources, Barco Silex has created an IP block (BA414EP) that allows offloading the computations involved in public key exchange and authentication completely to hardware. The unrivalled performance/size ratio of the BA414EP IP core allows for high performance signature generation and verification needed in D’Crypt’s solutions.

Karen Chong, project manager at D’Crypt, says the company selected Barco Silex’ IP “because its footprint can be scaled exactly to our requirements while still retaining top-notch performance.” D’Crypt is designing, among other products, an automotive-grade FPGA platform that will sit at the heart of a car-to-X infrastructure. To allow for massive IoT-like deployments, such a platform has to be as small and energy-efficient as possible, but at the same time be 100% dependable and secure. “That is the main reason we chose Barco Silex as a supplier,” says Karen Chong, “but we were also charmed by the ease of integration of the blocks and the professional support of the Barco Silex engineers.”

The BA414EP block for asymmetric cryptography is part of Barco Silex’ library of cryptography IP cores, offering a solution for every security situation and level. “But having a complete set of IP is only the beginning,” says Sébastien Rabou, product manager cryptography at Barco Silex. “Our customers can only be successful in this extremely competitive and rapidly changing landscape, if they can integrate our cryptographic IP without any delay and with minimal additional cost to achieve their time to market. Next to making our IP scalable, we also put a lot of effort in the ease of integration. And that choice is clearly appreciated by our partners such as D’Crypt.”

About Barco Silex

Barco Silex (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium) is a world leader in security IP cores and platforms, encryption and video processing, as well as in electronic design services (ASIC, FPGA, DSP, Board). Thanks to its continued stream of innovations, Barco Silex provides state-of-the-art security solutions, with security platforms and encryption cores that deliver unrivaled speed and performance in a very compact footprint. Barco Silex is a subsidiary of Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR), the global leader in networked visualization products for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. For more information about Barco Silex: www.barco-silex.com

About D’Crypt

D’Crypt Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) is a high-value design and development house, delivering full-spectrum leading-edge cryptographic technology and components that form an integral part of its customer information security appliances, systems and applications. With its extensive technology development program, D’Crypt prides itself in being able to supply a variety of technologies in the field of information security, technologies that have immediate practical uses and are full-system secure. D’Crypt helps its customers achieve first mover advantage. For more information about D’Crypt: www.d-crypt.com

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